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Skin Summary

You're very lucky to not have to worry about adding lots of anti-aging ingredients into your routine, because oily skin is usually smoother and more resistant to fine lines, particularly in the forehead area. Focusing on sun protection and antioxidant ingredients will help keep your skin healthy and glowing. For you, the key is to find the right water/oil balance for your skin's pH levels.


There are three main causes for acne: excess oil. production, dogged pores, and hormonal activity. Your main goal. is getting rid of acne and inflammation as well as controlling excess sebum. You want to focus on ingredients that are non-irritating and can treat and prevent acne. Some good things to look for in your mask routine are green tea and willow bark/salicylic acid.

Why Us?

Based on your Skin Quiz results, we will personalize the best mask solution uniquely for you. From over 150 premium Korean skincare brands, our skincare specialists will analyze your skin and personalize masks that can effectively tackle your skin concerns

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